Architectural Elements

Acequia, man-made irrigation ditch.
Adobe, mud brick that is dried in the sun. the first adobe bricks were used 8,500 years ago in the Middle East.
Canale, a roof spout that carries water off a flat pueblo roof.
Corbel, short sculpted beam lying on top of a post or wall.
Coyote Fence, a fence formed by wiring the large branches or saplings together, generally made with aspen or cedar.
Kiva, a small “beehive-shaped” fireplace.
Latillas, branches used as ceiling planking, made of Aspen, pine or cedar.
Lintel, wooden beam bridging window or door openings.
Nicho, small shelf carved into a wall.
Placita, an inner courtyard surrounded by a building and/or yard walls.
Portal, a covered porch, usually supported by wooden columns and vigas.
Vigas, round logs used as ceiling beams, either shaved or raw.
Zaguan, a gated adobe entranceway into a placita, garden or courtyard.